Ecolinace wishes to announce the release of their first class dog leash which is cost effective and an excellent choice for all dog lovers!
Pet lovers are very conversant with the fact that a very special relationship with their pets makes both their lives and that of their pets better; the effect of the happiness that comes with this relationship is so powerful that scientists study it as a safe way to prevent illness and heal the heart. For this reason, their love for their pets should push them towards getting the best things for their pets. In order to create a sustainable relationship between pet lovers and their pets, “Ecolinace” has come up with the best and top rated dog leash that is made of very high quality, at the same time, in expensive and very easy to use. This therefore counters the general notion that postulates that only things with low quality can be bought at an in expensive rate.
The Ecolinace dog leash is one that is made with a material that is ecologically friendly, harmless and odorless and perfectly made to proffer durability. With this dog leash, you can release or stop your pet as you wish just with a button that has controls all other operations with just a finger. It as well has an ergonomic hand grip that is comfortable and soft, fitting your hand like a glove. The anti-slip handle on the dog leash is perfectly designed to ensure your safety and that of your pet. The handle also makes sure that you always keep things under control. The extendable dog cord can extend up to 16 feet and support dogs up to 110 lbs and because it is woven with reflective line in both rims; it provides safety for your beloved dog and yourself. The dog cord comes with a roll of plastic bags tucked in a bone-shaped cone for you to clean up the mess your pet leaves on those untimely occasions quickly and conveniently. With this adjustable cord, both you and your best friend can enjoy various activities freely and this means that training, walking and jogging have just become very much enjoyable and a lot easier!
To celebrate the release of their new product, the price which was originally sold for $29.98 would now be $14.99 and customers could get one with an extra 30% discount with coupon (coupon code: Z2XJ8DVG).

About Ecolinace
The Ecolinace Company is a company that has the interest of their clients as a top priority and always on the look out to provide all their clients with the very best of products that are as well very inexpensive. They are a brand that give every pet lover the very best of options. more info

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